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BIG NEWS! That Sko'Man isn't dead! We found out that the person we THOUGHT was that Sko'Man, was actually a seven year old Asian girl named "Awanananabeembookitten". We mourned her death. We saw that Sko'Man at the funeral, playing the organ. He wasn't supposed to be playing the organ, he was just playing "Send In The Clowns" very poorly for fun. Oldman Witherspoon pulled out his "Shotgun Of Justice" and blew away half of the funeral home. Although he didn't even graze that Sko'Man. So we formulated an attack! Oldman said "Nyaa! Toothbrush! Nyaaa! We must save my trousers! I WANT TO LIVE!". So Big Papa Gomez, and Oopa chased him shooting arrows at him, and flinging feces in the general direction of his face. He evaded these attacks by merely walking away stealthfully. We are still offering a reward on for the capture of that Sko'Man! In other news, I, THE Namdlo, fought a car today in a game of car. I won. Moosalini has become good friends with Oopa saying "Me, and Oopa, both likes funny things!". It ends up that they were in the war together. The Great Tomato War. Oopa went by the name of Wilbur Finletter, and Moosalini went by the name of Moosalini. So THANK YOU AND GOODBYE!

Here is the contest! If you win you get a free WSN T-shirt! All you have to do, is be the first to email me(Namdlo, link is at the bottom of the page, on the "EMAIL ME" picture) and tell me who the Dolly Llama is! And be correct if you want the shirt!




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